True Views: Rebuilding Brand Britain

Reforming UK business rates is a topic we explored back in August and since then have received support for the proposals put forward.

In our second piece, we consider the commercial reality of such proposals for the key stakeholders involved. Some of the suggestions currently in the public domain feel impractical, self-serving and unbalanced. The issue of reforming business rates is complicated and should not be entered into without significant industry consultation, not just in retail but across the spectrum given the message it sends on a global basis about our willingness to embrace inevitable change and entrepreneurship – as both a country and an industry.  Change is constant and the retail and consumer industry, as one of Britain’s sources of global leadership, should be and has the opportunity to be at the forefront of delivering a fair global tax agenda that makes “Brand Britain” fit for the future.

Read our second instalment here.


Posted by:
Matt Truman

24 October 2018