A message to our Network

To our colleagues, portfolio businesses, investors and partners:

We know that this is a challenging time for many – and an unprecedented one for us all, globally.

As we adjust to this new and rapidly changing landscape, what is of utmost importance is that we put the health and well being of those in our network first – most notably those of the True team and our colleagues that work at our portfolio companies. 

We will continue to provide strong support across our businesses in executing their future-forward business models – and are incredibly proud of the way in which they are all adapting and the positive energy with which they are tackling the consequences of this health epidemic.  Just another testament to why we believe so strongly in them and their success!

As a business, we are well set up to forge ahead with the work we do, even if remotely, we are open for business and looking to deploy capital where it is needed – as always, in fit for the future assets with a focus on retail and consumer behavioural change.

As we continue our daily lives in this changing reality, let’s work to support one another as best we can.

Stay healthy,

Matt & Paul

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20 March 2020