Edward Staite

Communication Adviser & Performance Coach

Edward has helped presidents, prime ministers, business leaders, global brands, start-up founders and multi-national companies to communicate better for over 20 years. He has helped build high performing teams, grow businesses, secure funding and win elections in Europe, North America, Africa and the Middle East. Previously he was a communications strategist and press secretary for David Cameron, George Osborne and Boris Johnson.

Natasha Asher-Relf

Marketing Communications Manager

Natasha has over six years' experience in public relations, most recently holding the PR Manager role at LG Electronics. Her background is in the technology and consumer sectors, working for businesses such as Amazon, Panasonic, and Whitbread.

Serena McCutcheon

Head of People & Operations

Serena is Head of People and Operations at True and has been with the firm since 2016. She oversees the day to day operations and leads our cultural practice. Prior to this she worked for nearly a decade in the financial services sector holding positions at Jardine Lloyd Thompson and Zurich Insurance Group.

Sarah Gauld

EA to CEO and CCO

Sarah has been working as an Executive Assistant in London for eight years. Prior to True, Sarah held roles working for the owner and Chairman of New Scientist and at Immediate Media.