Investing in the next generation.

At True, we’re acutely aware that there is a diversity and inclusivity challenge within the investment industry, with work experience often only offered to those who have ‘friends at the firm’ or who have MBAs. Our founders feel passionately about breaking this cycle. We acknowledge this will be a constantly evolving project, but as a first step True launched its first summer intern programme – with a mission to increase accessibility to a career in investment for young people. To ensure all applicants could participate we ran a paid internship programme, that also included accommodation for eight weeks, that aimed to broaden the career aspirations for young people, who may not otherwise have had the opportunity to gain experience at an investment firm – whilst also ensuring we would diversify our own talent pool.

Here both our interns share their view of their time at True.

Elliot Walters, 22, Stafford

“True’s unique and operational diversity is what attracted me to the opportunity at True as I was looking to gain as much exposure to the different areas of Investment Management as I could, ahead of starting a Masters’ degree later this year.

As a newcomer, I experienced a very welcoming atmosphere – I think it helped that all True employees work on one open plan floor, and there’s an open-door policy with regards to communicating with those at a senior level.

Throughout the internship programme I feel I’ve gained and developed numerous workplace skills, especially my understanding of what the investment sector really is in practice through business and industry analysis. Additionally, I have honed my Excel skills – including some very useful Excel shortcuts that will stand me in good stead for any finance-related career! Outside of time in the office, living in the financial capital of the world has been an exhilarating experience and the True team also ran multiple out-of-work events to take part in, such as football matches against other financial services companies, great for networking!

After finishing my internship at True, I will be studying for a Masters degree in Finance and Investment Management. By doing this I will be able to gain a theoretical understanding of some of what I’ve practiced at True. Looking ahead over the next five years, I would now look to pursue a career in Private Equity and hope to make the most of the contacts I have made at True.”


Tejinder Hunjan, 18, Liverpool

“True’s proposition initially struck me as an unorthodox opportunity, as internships aren’t usually offered to A-level students – however this only made me want the opportunity more. At the beginning I had a difficult time deliberating if I was ready to move to London, but in the end, I believed it was too good of an opportunity to miss, and I am glad to say I made the right choice and was lucky enough to be selected.

The first day wasn’t as daunting as I thought it would be, although I did struggle to understand much of what people were talking about, due to a lack of experience in investment management. This was quickly abated, however, and I was given many chances to ask questions and received numerous teach-ins on different elements of investment to get me up to speed.

The experience has let me learn so many things and refine skills that are useful in a working environment. This ranged from small things, that will be useful in any future workplace, such as sticking to deadlines, through to more detail and specific knowledge such as how to structure a deal. Moreover, everyone at True has been incredibly supportive in helping me connect with lawyers in London in preparation for my future career goals as I am going on to study Law at Leeds University after taking A-levels in Maths, Law and History.”

09 September 2019